Software in under 30 days.

Years of research and experience allowed us to create a framework that allows us to convert your idea into software, in just a matter of weeks. This enables you to test product-market fit as soon as possible.


Our service separates
us from the competition.

Previous projects taught us that the advice and service around a product is the number one reason for success. You have the vision, we have the experience.


Weekly advice sessions

Entrepreneurial mindset

24/7 Monitoring


Only build what truly matters.

We have created a rapid prototyping framework that allows us to build your idea faster. Together we can conquer the world!

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From idea to software in less than 30 days

The number one reason for success in the tech industry? Create things that people want & test them with a real audience. Let us help you find that product-market-fit in under 30 days.

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Launch new features in days

Time is the most important asset in our world. What if we could tell you that we can create & launch new features in just a few days? Experiment like never before.


Data & insights as foundation.

"In God we trust, all others must bring data" We are an extremely data-focused team and we believe that tracking and insights should be a core functionality of your project. Better insights lead to improved decision making, which in turn will lead to your success.


Bug tracking

Usage insights

UX optimalisations

The process

Create software in 10 hours

Everything in this world is about efficiency. Which is why we have reduced the entire process not only to 30 days development time but also to a total of 10 hours of your time, split over 4 meetings.


Day 1: The solution

Tell us about the problem, your solution and why this will be world changing.

Output: a proposal
Time: 2 hours

Day 2: Blueprints

We convert your idea into an infrastructure plan, designs and blueprints.

Output: a development plan
Time: 3 hours

Day 14: MVP

Next, we will convert the blueprints into a working codebase and host it.

Output: an MVP
Time: 3 hours

Day 30: The market

Now it's time to go out there, test it and add some finishing touches to it.

Output: a working product
Time: 2 hours

Want to create software in less than 30 days?

Let's grab a coffee together and see how we can help each other out. We're always open to share some advice!

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