Frequently asked questions

Here you'll find an answer to all your question about how we are changing the world.

General questions

Questions about our company, our vision and how we do things.

I know that it sounds like real magic, but YES, its 100% possible what we claim to do. Everything you read on our website is working, tested and in production.

Like anything?! No. At this point we cannot help NASA by developing the software that fuels their rocket engines, nor can we create a time machine (or can we 😉). However to be fair, we are able to create 85% of the projects we receive. So challenge us ðŸĪŠ.

We are definitely not a development agency ðŸ˜ģðŸ˜ģðŸ˜ģ! An agency doesn't want you to be efficient as you pay them for their time on an hourly basis. So more effiency means less income for them. We see ourselves as a SaaS-startup as you could use our software on your own.

In theory you can, and you probably will after our setup.

However, we are extreme believers in effiency. Which is why we don't open up our software to you (yet) to use it all on your own, as our experts will setup everything with/for you. Here is an example: You pay 3 hours for one of our experts (3x 100 euro/hour => 300 euro), if you were to do it all yourself for 'free', you'll spent an average of 30 hours on it (playing around, testing, fixing). But you don't work for free (even if you don't pay yourself, your time is still valuable). In theory you would pay yourself at least 20 euro/hour x 30 => 600 euro. So even if we request you to hire an expert, we're on average at least 50% cheaper.

Pricing questions

Questions regarding our pricing, billing and financial details.

Well. That's a hard question to answer. But in general it depends on what you want to create through our software. It's clear that if you want to create a simple website, you pay less (+- 2.500 euro) than when you want to create an AirBnB Competitor (+- 25.000 euro). The best way to get a price indication is just to ping us!

Our pricing is based on a variety of factors. However most of the time you just pay for the creation and the maintence of the features you want in your software (eg. a login module).

That's up to you! We offer both payment methods.


All questions that our AI couldn't categorise somewhere else.

Absolutely! We're always looking for talented people! Check our our careers page or send us an open solicitation at [email protected].

You can always reach us by email on [email protected] or by letter on tav ProductBuilder, Rijnkaai 37, 2000 Antwerp (Belgium). Looking forward to hear from you!

Wooow! You're amazing 😍😍😍!! Please reach our to us by email on [email protected]. Thank you! Karma is on your way!! 😍

Generating software by Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic! We know 😎 and we totally understand that you want an awesome speaker from our team on your event! We try to do attend a few events every year. Your best chances are by sending us an email on [email protected] and tell us why we should go to your event (small tip: we love to give back to the community, so we prefer inspiring students/entrepreneurs above a commercial event).

Ah finally, now you're asking the questions! We get it, 80% of the startups use AI as a marketing term instead of really using it. But trust us, we use AI in several places. Ranging from generating your views, converting the blueprints into codes, recommending new features, etc.