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Strategic account managers

Antwerp, Belgium · Full time

1. Introduction

As we're growing and growing, it's time for us to hire more strategic account managers to help our partners (clients) make better technical decisions and let them grow faster. As the person between technology and business, you are the critical link to convert business ideas into technological opportunities and help the development team to translate these ideas into realities.

2. What we’re looking for

-You have experience with project management.
-You have good communication skills.
-You have experience with SCRUM project management.
-You are passionate about technology and software development.
-Knowledge of HTML, CSS or Javascript is a bonus.
-Experience in a startup/management role/account manager role is a bonus.

3. Your responsibilities

-Advice our clients daily with their technological challenges and find a solution/answer to all their questions.
-You create, update and manage their technical roadmap.
-You use our internal products to manage and execute basic tasks.
-You communicate tasks and targets to our development team (which can't be implemented through our AI).
-You'll become a project manager or interim CTO for the project(s) of one (or more) of our clients.

4. About us

With ProductBuilder we change the way software is built. We focus on building great scalable products for our clients, while limiting feature overload, allowing our clients to test product market fit faster.

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs, SME's and Startups with launching and maintaining their software ideas in a matter of weeks instead of months/years.

Our offices are located at Rijnkaai 37, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium. Near the MAS (Museum aan de stroom).

5. What you get

-You will be trained and educated in technical management in no-time.
-A competitive salary + fringe benefits.
-Ambitious and highly talented colleagues.
-Experience in a company that is operating on the edge of technology.
-The opportunity to plan your calendar and projects.
-The opportunity to help (and work for) the fastest growing companies.

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