Data driven
Software development

We start with code that already exists to write software
10x faster and better than anyone else.

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10x Better code quality

Stop wasting your time and money on poorly written code, setting yourself up for failure. Instead, get senior-level code at the price of a junior developer.

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10x Faster development

Want to build an MVP or test a new feature? We can get you up and running in under 2 weeks. Time is money, so find that product-market fit ASAP!

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10x More human centered

We treat your idea as if it was ours, limiting feature overload and focussing on building what truly matters. Our motto is well done is better than well said.

How does it work

Building epic things based
on over 10 years of experience

More than 10+ years of experience in building and scaling software led us to the ideal method to help you create the future.
Here is how we do it in under 30 days:


What do you really need?

We meet up for 3 days, during which we have brainstorms discussing your needs and those of your customers. No more feature creep, less talking more doing.


Let's build it

Our experts take in your briefing and will make your idea come alive, it takes us on an average 20 days to build a first MVP. Time to go to market!


Time to scale your solution

To finish up your project, we allocate 7 days to process your feedback and finalize everything.

Why our customers love us

10x better than any alternative.

According to Peter Thiel, Founder of PayPal & initial investor in Facebook, technology should be 10 times better than any existing solution to be called "world-changing". Well, Peter, here is why people think of us as world-changing:

10x more
focused on results

We are obsessed with results. It's not the amount of talk and promises that define a solution, it's the amount of revenue it generates for our customers.

10x more

We have years of experience running machine-learning startups. That's why we integrated data capturing in even the smallest details.

10x faster
than anyone else

In the world of technology, time is money. Which is why we promise you a first version faster than anyone else can. Challenge us!

10x more

Our passion for technology ensures we stay up to date on the latest trends. We leverage the latest technology to your advantage.

10x better

With our entrepreneurial background, we help you steer away from typical pitfalls, building only what you actually need!!

10x more
human focused

Because great ideas come from within, our team really focuses on being human-centric. It's all about you!

How we can help you

Technology advice whenever and wherever you need it the most!

From starting entrepreneurs to big corporates, we're here to help you along your digital journey. Data-driven and with years of experience, our knowledge is yours!

From €999

Software development

Our core offering. With over a dozen years of experience in highly scaling products, we'll bring your tech idea to reality.

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From €1.999/mo


A technical expert who creates, manages and executes your product roadmap. You can call us your CTO.

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From €999

Innovation coach

A team of automation & innovation experts. Here to help you do things faster, better and more customer centric.

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